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Morgan Fitzsimons is a British artist, illustrator and author. Born in the North of England  in 1939, she has been drawing and painting since she could hold a brush. Morgan studied at the LJMU, gaining her NDD, A.T.D and BA. 
Morgan is a traditional artist and works in many mediums and her artwork has been displayed all over the world. Morgan has also been involved in many art related and non art related industries  She taught in schools for 20 years and retired as Head of Special Needs. She has also developed and published educational packs and teaching aids as well as fictional work.She has been involved in designing costumes for various opera and theatre companies, and was also a wildlife artist for several charities and organisations.

Judy has painted all her life and has explored many genres from realism, to impression etc. She portrays a wide variety of subjects in her art and being a great lover of nature, she loves to portray it in her art. Judy's art has been licensed in many fields, such as for prints and posters, wall coverings, puzzles, calendars,greeting cards, figurines, inspirational card decks etc. She has also written and illustrated several books which can be purchased on Amazon. She has been influenced by many great artists of the past, such as those of the Italian Renaissance, PreRaphealites, Maxfield Parrish, the Hudson River School Artists, the French Impressionists, etc. She has traveled to quite a few different countries, where she has visited many beautiful gardens. Judy often portrays these lovely landscapes and florals in her paintings for all to enjoy. She often "daydreams" about her paintings for a while before putting them on canvas. this preliminary technique of "Mind Painting" helps her to develop her unique Works of Art. With the help of Morgan's ArtWorld this is Judy's first foray into the world of digital images /stamps.
Judy's artwork can be seen at or

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